Switch my SIM

How to switch your SIM card to save money on your cell phone bill? is a very common question with a surprisingly easy way to do it. If you have an existing GSM Unlocked cell phone, you can have one of the best services around with no contract paying only $45.00 a month. This is one of the best kept secrets in the cellular phone industry but it is real and it can be done by anyone nearly anywhere.

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There are only a hand full of cell phone providers in the United States and it is in their interest to make consumers sign a contract. Once you sign a contract, they have you for the next two years paying at least $100 a month using an unlimited plan. Why? It's simple, these carriers spend millions and millions in equipment all around the country. They have to set up cell towers and pay for the land as well as pay for installation and maintenance of these antennas. All this adds up to lots and lots of money they need to put in order to turn a profit.

It makes sense that if these huge carriers are putting in soooo much money, that they get some money back in return right? Not so fast... Before you start to feel sorry for these carriers, consider the type of monopoly they have. Remember I said there are only a hand full of these companies? Well, there are over 307 million people in the United States so it's a brilliant idea that generates millions and millions of dollars and these huge companies could have the same without forcing people to sign contracts but they DON'T! These companies are greedy and want not just the service fees, they want activation fees, cancelation fees, late fees, and a host of other hidden fees.

How can I switch my SIM?

The good news is that these companies have to allow smaller compies to use their lines and that's where you and I are in luck! You can use the same exact service without having to pay the crazy fees and signing a contract.

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Will Straight Talk limit my data usage?

Although you are getting an unlimited plan, Straight Talk does only allow a certain amount of data usage each month. If you exceed or approach that amount, Straight Talk will send you a notification via a phone call or a text message.

Can I still switch my number if AT&T or T-Mobile disconnected my line?

It is very unlikely that you will be able to make the switch but in the event that your line has been disconnected, you can still try to recover your number through Straight Talk or get a new number.

Do I have to buy a new SIM in order to use Straight Talk?

Yes, You will need a new SIM (either AT&T or T-Mobile). Each SIM costs only $14.99 + shipping fees. Once you receive the new SIM, simply log onto Straight Talk to activate your new SIM and switch over your phone number.