Straight Talk SIM

What is a Straight Talk SIM?

Straight Talk Sims are the road to having a smart phone with no contract and saving tons of money. A Straight Talk SIM will allow you to keep your existing number and bring your own phone to Straight Talk for $45.00 a month. The plan is easy and it is backed by the fifth largest cellular provider in the US TracFone.

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You simply purchase a SIM (Regular or Micro) from Straight Talk for only $14.99 and when you receive the SIM, remove your old SIM and slide in the new Straight Talk SIM. You will also need to follow some steps from

With Straight Talk SIM, ,you keep your number and Straight Talk does the rest. They will contact your current provider (AT&T or T-Mobile) and in no time, your new SIM will be ready for use. You will need to program a few things such as your APN and other settings but this is all explained on the website.

Enjoy freedom from a contract with Straight Talk SIM.

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